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      • Year: 2013
      • Download: v1.0


      What & Why

      folding@wiki is an action plugin that provides syntax for folding/hiding entire sections of text using only CSS! It runs some heavy processing during ‘RENDERER_CONTENT_POSTPROCESS’, so as to allow for folding already rendered text :) Note: due to this processing and my own limitations of mind, there may be bugs when combined with other plugins or particularly complicated wikisyntax - I did not experience any such problems, but just so you know!

      For those experienced with CSS tricks, this basically uses the method that CSS-based drop-down menus generally use - simply have a container element that changes the properties of a contained element via its :hover style(e.g., display:none; and display:block).

      It was created due to there being no (in my opinion) good folding plugins for DokuWiki, as they either required JavaScript or did not process dokuwiki syntax.


      Syntax-wise, there are four basic things to keep in mind:

      • 1: DokuWiki syntax is fully supported, both in the FOLDs and in the FOLD’s title line. :)
      • 2: Begin a fold with <FOLD on its own line.
        • 2.1: You can give a title to the fold: <FOLD My Fold
      • 3: End a fold section with FOLD>.

      Folding behaviors such as absolutely positioned “popups” or folds that simply overlay themselves rather than pushing DOM around can be done via the plugin’s style.css.


      Wiki syntax example:

      <FOLD **My Menu**
        * My First Link
        * My Second Link :D

      HTML output (formatted for readability):

      <div class="foldingatwiki__fold">;
        <div class="foldingatwiki__fold_title"><strong>My Menu</strong></div>
          <li class="level1"><div class="li"> My First Link</div>
          <li class="level1"><div class="li"> My Second Link :D</div>


      • Year: 2013
      • Download: v1.0

      Mandates is a wiki plugin that provides a dictionary/rules system wherein you can dynamically link to a defined “mandate” from any other page. See the README for more usage.