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  • 2023-12-02


    Ryzen 5600 to i7 13700K Upgrade

    Another non-thorough benchmark document on upgrading from a Ryzen 5600 to an i7 13700K.

    Check it out here.



    Ryzen 1500X to 5600 Upgrade

    A non-thorough benchmark document on upgrading from a Ryzen 1500X to a Ryzen 5600 whilst keeping the rest of the components the same.

    Check it out here.



    SVG Spritesheets versus Spritestacks

    To all with an eye towards web design and SVGs, I present a comparison and some examples for using SVG spritesheets versus spritestacks.


    Check it out here!



    Shupload - personal image hosting and sharing by the power of HTTP, Go, and an optional bit of JavaScript!

    Spent the last few days working on shupload in my spare time. It is, as the title says, image hosting software written in Go and JavaScript.


    Check it out here!



    Golang APNG decoder & encoder

    Spent some time last weekend (and a bit of today) writing an APNG decoder and encoder in Go.

    Check it out here!



    Mac OS and Linux and ZFS, oh my!

    Wrote up a quick article on setting up Mac OS and Linux dual-booting with a shared ZFS-based home directory.

    Check it out here!



    NodeJS Submodule Installer

    Hark, a grand new module written for automatically installing Open Markup Editor’s various built-in packs!

    This module provides a system for calling npm install on a list of locations, ultimately providing automatic submodule installation. It only works on directories that possess a base package.json file.

    Check it out on GitHub or on NPM.

    Using it is easy!

    1. Install: npm i submodules-install --save

    2. Edit package.json:

      "submodules": [

    3. Run npx submodules-install or add as a preinstall/postinstall/etc. script



    Simple Electron App Settings Management

    Written as a replacement for the rather nice but somewhat insufficient (for my needs) electron-settings, I hereby present electron-app-settings, a multi-process safe app settings library for Electron.

    This module is being used in the soon-to-be released Open Markup Editor (development visibile @ its GitHub page) and has proven itself to be far nicer to use than other non-IPC based settings libraries that were tried.

    Usability is a cinch:

    // In your main process
    const settings = require('electron-app-settings');
    settings.set('my_var', 'my_value');
    settings.set({my_obj: 10});
    // => 'my_value'
    // => {'my_var': 'my_value', 'my_obj': 10}
    // In your renderer process
    const settings = require('electron-app-settings');
    // => 10
    settings.set('my_obj', 20);

    Setting default settings:

    // In your main process
    const settings = require('electron-app-settings');
    // Merge these settings under any existing settings
    	window: {
    		width: 800,
    		height: 600,
    		left: -1,
    		top: -1
    	update_delay: 250
    }, true);

    All settings are saved on application quit.

    See the github page for more information.



    Control Audio with CSS

    Wrote an experimental “add-on” (JavaScript library) called css-audio that allows for defining and controlling audio with CSS custom properties.

    Basic Example:

    button {
      --audio-src: url('click.ogg');
    button:active {
      --audio-state: playing;

    See the github page for more information.



    XCode 4.2, GCC 4.8, and C++11

    GCC 4.8.5 Short article on how to get C++11 support on XCode 4.2/Mac OS 10.6.8, aggregated from the disparate information on the net.

    Read it Here



    QWiki 0.1

    QWiki version 0.1 is now available, yo.

    QWiki 0.1

    You can do all sorts of snazzy snazz with it.



    MAngband 1.1.2 SDL2 interface

    I spent some time this last week hacking together an SDL2 interface for MAngband. I will be uploading the binaries for Windows 7, OS X, and Linux, along with the modified MAngband 1.1.2 source, once it is complete.

    MAngband SDL2 screenshot

    You can read some of my notes on hacking MAngband here - this should also provide enough information to make your own interface if you felt so inclined.


    ARK 1.0

    ARK/Alternative Registry Keeper has been released! ARK scroonshet


    Petite Juliet Released!

    After slogging through Ludum Dare 31, Petite Juliet has been created! Developed from scratch using C++, SDL2, OpenGL, and GLSL, it’s kind of a cool little game.

    Mon Petite! 27 out of 48 hours were blasted away in the creation of this game.

    I plan to expand it in the future, implementing some of the features that were (sadly) missed due to rushing about. See the TODO here.