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    Most games here are as a result of development competitions and similar. Unlike the rest of humanity, these are ultimately coded from scratch, excluding the use of SDL/SDL2/OpenGL and such similar base libraries. They are organized by date.


      • Site: DCRAWL
      • Year: 2015
      • Event: #TextJam2015
      • Language: C
      • Libraries: ncurses/PDCurses

      Faux-3D console dungeon crawling game – or rather, stumble around a maze until you find the invisible exit. Made in far less than 24 hours for #TextJam2015. DCRAWL screenshot

      Petite Juliet

      • Site: Petite Juliet
      • Year: 2014
      • Event: Ludum Dare 31 Compo
      • Language: C++
      • Libraries: SDL2, SDL2_image, SDL2_mixer, OpenGL

      Single-screen arcade brawling game featuring stylized pixel art. Made primarily the last 24 hours for the Ludum Dare 31 Compo. Petite Juliet screenshot


      • Site: CirQuit
      • Year: 2014
      • Event: #NESJAM2014
      • Language: JavaScript
      • Libraries: CBDL

      Puzzle game adhering to some NES limitations. Made during a month-long vacation for NESJAM 2014. CirQuit screenshot


      • Site: Newsboy
      • Year: 2014
      • Event: #GameMaker2014
      • Language: C
      • Libraries: SDL2, SDL2_image, SDL2_ttf, SDL2_mixer, OpenGL

      Engine/Game written in C using SDL2_* in approximately a month’s time of off and on tinkering. 14k lines of code! Newsboy screenshot


      • Site: VAD
      • Year: 2014
      • Event: #TextJam2014
      • Language: C
      • Libraries: ncurses/PDCurses

      Text-based adventure parser/engine in the vein of Adventure. Made in under 48 hours for #TextJam2014 VAD screenshot