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    In addition to copious amounts of programming, I spend a good portion every week working out. I find that it is beneficial to one’s mental health to keep active and to improve your body alongside your mind. Given that this is a fairly large part of my daily life, I am placing some of my workout information on this page and any subpages that may follow.

    TODO: Update and add my workout tracking software, LGS(Let’s Get Shredded), here.

    TODO: Add current and past schedules.


    My workout schedules largely focus on strength training with full respect to the aesthetic notion of a balanced physique.

    Currently, I work out 5 days a week on average, with a handful of days skipped due to extended recovery time. I design, adopt, and then stick to a workout schedule for around 10 weeks. During this, I record almost every day using either a designed paper sheet with entries and a graph section, or, more recently, I use a piece of software I designed for easily recording and graphing my workout.

    More recently I have started recording 1-rep max values so I can measure my (potentially) maximum strength with some specific exercises. I take these measurements after taking a week off after finishing a schedule.

    1-Rep Maxes

    Listed here are my 1-rep maxes. These records are a recent addition, and as such, are fairly limited in scope.


    Exercise Max % Increase
    Benchpress 115.6 kg / 255 lb 5.46%
    Squats 136 kg / 300 lb 33.33%
    Overhead Press 74.8 kg / 165 lb 13.79%
    Deadlift 174.6 kg / 385 lb 9.06%

    As can be noted, the percentile increase of my benchpress was far reduced compared to before, whilst my squats had a significant increase. The reason for this was fixing problematic form in both exercises relating to depth. For benchpress, I had to strengthen the inner part of my pectorals so that I could touch my chest during every rep. For legs, it was much the same with going to full depth, but the legs responded much better, likely because they were far weaker than they should have been due to merely going parallel or, most of the time, almost parallel.


    Exercise Max % Increase
    Benchpress 109.6 kg / 241.8 lb
    Squats 102 kg / 225 lb
    Overhead Press 65.77 kg / 145 lb
    Deadlift 160.1 kg / 353 lb