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    Ye olde AppleScript frontend to sips




    EBIC, or Excellent Batch Image Converter, is an AppleScript frontend to the sips program for converting/resizing large batches of images. It has been released under the GPLv3, although the code is certainly less than ideal.

    EBIC was created for fulfilling a need that seemed to be lacking in most available solutions for a minimalistic batch image converter for OS X, at least at the time I created it (2011/02/15). The UI is a bit more obtruse than I would like it to be, however it should be fairly forthcoming as to what does what.


    • Convert images to whatever slip supports!
    • Resize images to whatever dimensions you like - with aspect ratio maintained!
    • Optionally rename output files!
    • Also process thumbnails, for galleries and the like!
    • Progress bar, file count, and image viewer to see which file you’re on!
    • All configurations are saved in the .app bundle’s Info.plist - maximum portability!