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    Petite Juliet is a single-screen brawling game featuring stylized pixel art. It was originally written for the 48-hour Ludum Dare 31 Compo.

    Petite Juliet

    • Features!
      • Our cute protagonist, Juliet
      • GLSL shaders!
      • C++ and SDL2!
      • Dynamic terrain using julia set fractals
      • Wave-based enemies
      • Some okay combat!

    The source code is available under the GPLv3. Feel free to modify, inspect, critizice, or burn it.


    • Framebuffer coloring layer - additive layer that is placed over terrain, “staining” the terrain layer with special fx(blood, etc.)
    • Throwing of entities
    • Multiplayer
    • Stage and wave system.
      • Each stage is a separate color, and is shown as a separate FBO in the background. When the current stage ends, it zooms into the new stage.
    • Fun special effects for hittin’ stuff
    • More enemy types!
      • Bosses as well
    • Blocking and countering
    • Items (parasol)
    • More and better sound effects. Music too.